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2 November 1962
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"We not only have longer to live, but in some ways each year now equals several years in olden times. We are exposed to fifteen times as much knowledge as Aristotle was; many of us travel as much in a year as Marco Polo did in a lifetime. In effect, as far as knowledge and observations are concerned, our life experiences encompass the equivalent of a thousand years in older generations. Our number of years has increased by 50 percent, but our functional years have grown by 1000 percent."

- Jimmy Carter

A few things I've done:

Flew a plane solo at age 16 (Cessna 150 at Vero Beach Hibiscus airport, 1979)
Stood in the eye of a hurricane (David, Vero Beach, 1979)
Hiked to a mountaintop (Half Dome, Yosemite Park, CA 1983)
Experienced an earthquake (Coalinga, May 2, 1983 in Yosemite Park)
Seen over a dozen Shuttle launches (1981-2003) and saw the Opportunity rover launch for Mars
Seen the Mir space station, the ISS, the Shuttle and other satellites in orbit. (You can too - see http://www.heavens-above.com)
Attended the world's only University for the deaf and participated in the celebrated Deaf President Now protest (Washington, D.C. March 1988, Gallaudet University)
Seen a comet (Hale-Bopp, Spring 1997)
Toasted the closing of the millenium over vodka on Nevky Prospekt in St. Petersburg, Russia (1999)
Robbed by a band of gypsy kids on Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Russia (1999)
Biked 100 miles over a weekend on the (Washington & Old Dominion Trail and the C&O Canal trail, 2000)
Biked from Tampa to Tarpon Springs, FL
Stood atop the World Trade Center 3 times - twice on roof, once on the inside top deck.
Learned my way around the streets of NYC, Washington, D.C., Vancouver, BC, Minneapolis, Orlando, Amsterdam, Munich, St. Petersburg, and many smaller towns.
Browsed the graphical web when only 50 websites yet existed.
Ran a Bulletin Board System (BBS - The Abbey, a Citadel system)
Developed over 2 dozen websites.
Read 500+ books...and counting (see http://www.librarything.com/catalog.php?view=DeafScribe)
Witnessed and recounted the November 2001 Leonid meteor shower (see http://www.livejournal.com/users/deafscribe/35162.html)
Attended a presentation on SpaceShipOne by Burt Rutan and Mike Melville at Oshkosh 2004. (Met and shook hands with Burt, too).
Injuries - a broken nose (car accident), broken shoulder (bike accident) and one badly torn finger (work accident).
One marriage, two children!

Currently working at National Deaf Academy, a residential psychiatric treatment center for children, adolescents and adults.

To be continued...

Yes, I'm deaf.